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Spectacular & Ultra Rare Emil Flues Over & Under
20 Gauge Shotgun With Kornbrath Engraving

Emil Flues was one of the most gifted firearms designers of the late 19th Century - early 20th Century Era.
While employed at The Ithaca Gun Company, he designed both the Flues model double shotgun and the
Flues single barrel trap gun. After leaving Ithaca, he joined the famous rifle builder Charles Newton,
sometime known as the “father of high velocity rifle cartridges”, in Buffalo, New York. In Buffalo, he built a
number of high quality shotguns and rifles, often having them engraved by the immortal Rudolph
Kornbrath. Kornbrath was considered the greatest engraver of that era and his work is treasured today. Flues
built these masterpieces completely by hand, even refusing to use any electrically powered tools in his work.
Rarest of Flues’s custom guns were a handful of over and under shotguns built on an action of his own
design. Our over and under Flues is a 20 gauge with 30 inch barrels. The action is incredibly slim, being only
2 inches deep. The receiver is profusely engraved with sporting dogs and game birds embellished with
beautifully executed scrolls. We believe that the work is that of Kornbrath himself, although not signed. The
piece is in excellent condition. A piece of the finest work by one of America’s greatest firearms
craftsmen.                                                                                                               Price upon request.