During the Civil War, the South, having no major revolver manufactories, turned to England as a supplier.
In 1861, Capt. Caleb Huse was sent to Europe to procure arms for the Confederacy. By March 1862, he had
an exclusive contract with the London Armoury Company, manufacturer of Kerr's patent, for all arms
produced by this firm.  There are documented deliveries of these well made handguns by blockade runners
Fingal, Melita, Hope and others. The number made is not known. Our example is the .44 caliber single
action model. These pieces, like all Confederate arms, were used hard but this one, although showing some
light pitting, has a nice smooth surface and has some quite strong traces of bluing. Very good bore with
strong rifling. There is a bit of confusion about Kerr serial numbers. This one is engraved 9119 on the left
side of the frame and on the cylinder. Some authorities claim that this is a patent number. There is also the
stamped number 622 or the partial number 22 in several locations including the front face of the cylinder,
the inside top and bottom of the frame facing the cylinder and the trigger. It appears that there is a number
inside the triggerguard bow however it is unreadable. In "Confederate Handguns" by Albaugh, Benet &
Simmons, the authors assert that this is the true serial number. The revolver has the standard "London
Armoury Co." marking on the left side of the frame (in an oval) and on the right lockplate. There are also
numerous period British proof marks and a LC (London Armory) mark or two. The grips bear the
controversial JS/Anchor stamp. This is believed by some to be an unknown Confederate inspector's mark.
Others feel it is the mark of the grip manufacturer. Finally, the left side of the frame is marked "CS" in two
locations. The style, location and font are similar to the markings on a fully documented Spiller & Burr
revolver I sold a few years ago. A great example of an important and quite widely used Confederate handgun.  
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Historic Confederate "CS" Marked Kerr Revolver
Manufactured By The London Armoury