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The Finest Mannlicher~Schoenauer Rifle We Have
Ever Had For Sale. Includes Hensold Divari-D 1.5
to 6 Power Scope, Papers & Leather Accouterments.

This is truly a spectacular Model 1950 Mannlicher. I have sold probably 20 of these fine rifles over the years
but this is the best one yet. This one sports the classic full length Mannlicher stock with a raised comb for use
with a scope. It is chambered for that most versatile of all cartridges: .30-06 and has a mint bore. Showing
just very slight blue wear and a couple of very, very minor dings in the wood, I would rate this beauty in over
95% condition. Set trigger. It comes with all sorts of goodies. First and foremost is a Hensoldt Diavari-D 1.5
to 6 power variable scope in near perfect condition with quick detachable claw mounts. It comes with leather
lens caps and a beautiful extra heavy leather case. The rifle has a cute little leather muzzle cover plus a
European style sling. Finally, included is the original Mannlicher instruction book, test target, a letter to the
owner from Steyr and other miscellaneous paperwork. A great piece in excellent condition by one of the
world's most famous riflemakers.                                                                     Price On Request.