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Beautiful Parker Brothers DHE 20 Gauge
Shotgun in Excellent Condition


This shotgun has been sitting in a family closet for generations. It has been carefully hunted but
never altered in any way. It has the same exact original specifications listed in the Parker records
put forth in the book ”Parker Gun Identification & Serialization”. It has 28” barrels, auto ejectors,
a rare rounded knob pistol grip and a skeleton butt. It was made in 1928. This gun was made for a
woman and has a 13 ¼” pull.  It weighs exactly 6 pounds. The bores are mirror bright. There are
the normal markings on the rib. The barrel flats are marked “Parker Overload Steel”. The chokes
are both improved modified. The barrel blue is about 90% with normal minor scratching and
fading. The action has standard D grade engraving. It retains about 25% original case colors with
very strong areas around the top lever and the triggers and quite a bit on the action itself. The rest
of the colors have turned to a rich plum brown. The action is NOT silvered up, indicating that it
has not been handled much at all. The stock retains about 95% original finish with just the
expected hunting scratches and dings . The checkering is about 95% with only7 or 8 diamonds
flattened.  If you’re a Parker collector or just want an investment here’s your chance to own this
rare and desirable little gun.                                                          SOLD