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This has got to be one of the most historic Civil War Henry rifles in existence. It is Serial Number 2774 issued
and used by Private Andis D. Rolf, Company D, 23rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. Unlike
many Civil War Henrys given to veterans as a bonus when they reenlisted near the end of the War, this rifle
probably saw combat usage. It was the subject of an article in the Texas Gun Collectors Association magazine
in the Fall of 2001. That article is presently posted on the Association’s website. This article is included with
the sale. Furthermore, this exact gun is illustrated on page 1221 of the 2001 Gun List “Standard Catalog of
Firearms”. Finally, an extremely similar Henry just four serial numbers apart from this one (#2779) and
almost certainly engraved by the same hand is illustrated on page 19 of R. L. Wilson’s “Winchester
Engraving” book. That Henry was issued to Private John Cowan, also of Company D, 23rd Illinois Volunteer
Infantry.  Finally, a letter from the State of Illinois Civil War Historic Commission giving information on
Pvt. Rolfe is included with the sale. Just about the finest Civil War Henry you will ever find. Previously sold.

Spectacular 23rd Illinois Infantry ID'ed Civil War
Henry Rifle