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Beautiful Sharps Berdan Sharpshooter Rifle #54733
In Close To Mint Condition.


This Sharps Berdan rifle is in near mint condition. It is serial number 54733, in the correct serial number range
for Berdans. It may have never been issued. It appears to have its original packing grease on the receiver,
patchbox and other parts. The barrel blue is nearly 100%. The wood finish has a little wear but is about 97%.
The stock and foreend have almost no dings or dents. Any that exist are very minor. It has three cartouches on
the left side of the stock wrist. They are TWR, AWM and ET or EJ. As stated in the book “Sharpshooter” by
Wiley Sword, the TWR cartouche is found on Berdan Sharps rifles. There is NSP stamped into the foreend wood
just in front of the bottom of the receiver. Also, CWH is stamped on the left side of the barrel in the steel just in
front of the receiver. In “Civil War Sharps Carbines & Rifles” by Earl J. Coates and John D. McAulay (page 91-
92) they discuss the numerous rifles issued to the 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry (the “Bucktails” – later the 190th
Pennsylvania Infantry). These were Berdan Sharps that were in storage in the Washington D.C. Arsenal.
According to the authors, because of some sort of protest regarding the inferior quality of weapons being offered
to the 42nd, they were issued these Berdans. Springfield Research Service has records stating that Sharps  
#54727 (6 numbers earlier than #54733) and #54735 (2 numbers after  #54733) were issued to the 42nd.
However, because of the condition, I believe this weapon may have never been issued. A unique chance to own a
high condition Berdan.                                                Price on request